Episode 11 Bones & Suicide

An episode dealing with suicide, eating disorders and all the other dark shit on the web. Not for the faint of heart.

With all the flak surround Netflix’s series, 13 reasons why and To the Bone, we get into the meat of the matter about what should be portrayed and what simply crosses the line.

Are creators responsible for the fallout their works ensures even if it is outside of their control?

Ep11 artwork

Episode 10 There is no fake news

It seems like fake news is everywhere these days, or are they…? This week we delve into the sweaty groin pits of the web and pull out the fake-est of news, in attempts to dissect it with the scalpel of truth!

Asking hard hitting questions such as “what is news anyway?” and “have fake news always been around” and of course, “when will your penis fly off? (dafuq?)”!?! Our inquiry is sure to make you question your sanity.Fake news image