Ep22 Fake news (again!) and Select committee on DOL part 1

Are you all ready for Deliberate online Falsehoods again? Thats just a $12 word for fake news by the way, used by high SES folks. For the rest of us, we’re getting bamboozled again by Dan’s incredible proclamations. Jon discusses the various theories of “truth” and why its so irritating to talk about fake news in this day and age. And finally, the real meat of the matter, the Select Committee, who are they, why are they here, why is that guy’s bald forehead so shiny it shadows our future?Fake News #2

Episode 21: Budget Angbao 2018 Part 2

Part 2 of our discussion on Budget 2018
With the prices of everything set to increase, the common folk are expected to be hit the hardest, will the new schemes fix everything? What paths will the government lead us down in this brave new world? And finally, why is Jon so smug about? (hint, it’s about funding to the arts.)

Join us in this final part of our budget 2018 series! Be sure to comment and feedback!

Forum with Finance minister:
Lim Tean smartphone video:

21B Budget part 2

Episode 21: Budget Angbao 2018 Part 1

Budget 2018 ripped through Singapore like a particularly rancid fart, leaving a foul taste in everyone’s mouth! Our discussion brings about an introduction to the budget and what this foul wind of change will implicate for the populace.

LKK PSA: We are currently testing a new format, breaking an episode into easily digestible parts. Let us know if this change is just as bad as Budget 2018!

21 Budget 2018

Episode 20: Send Nudes

As a rough continuation of last week’s sexual harassment discussion, we scurry down the tangential road of How much Nudity is too much Nudity? Can female students simply wear whatever skimpy outfit they want in class? How far can you walk away from the beach in a swimming costume before it gets weird? What kind of fetish do the Kitties have in their LongKang of depravity? And finally, how Jerry designed the perfect hell for Singaporeans!

20 Nudity

Episode 19: The politics of sexual harassment

Happy Lunar New Year! Though it is a Dog year, the Kitties at the LongKang will still sharpen our claws upon the fabrics of politics and current affairs!

In this episode, we dissect the recent explosion of sexual harassment allegations and the politics of it. Why are some women believed and others are not? Can we separate the sexual predator from their works? Is the casting couch a moral problem in Singapore? How did Anna Farris trigger Jon? How do I win a copy of “The Phantom of Oxley Castle”? Find out more in this episode of LongKangKitties!

Sexual Harrassment

Episode 18.5 Question and ranting time

Wow wee! Is Christmas over? Oh shit New Year day has passed? We’re halfway into January whaaaaaaaaaa?!

Ok apologies for delayed episode over, lets dive right into the deepest parts of our psyche with 5 questions asked by each member of the podcast answered by everyone with a Yes or No within a minute. Its a lot of fun, truly!

Finally, we had a short ranting session, where we discuss things that annoyed us over the week.

To find out how you can win a copy of Rex Regrets, written and Illustrated by our very own resident dinosaur, Jerry, listen to us all the way to the end! What are you waiting for?!

questions round

Episode 18 SMRT bashing, or do we..?

Choo choo kitties! Do electric trains dream of ponding and gentle caresses and make choo choo sounds? Today in the longkang we bash SMRT for not being on the right track. Who is at fault here? How much money is being made? Why does the LongKang Kitties podcast never upload episodes on time? Find out on this episode!