Episode 17 When is discrimination ok? (w/ special guest Danny from Economical Rice Podcast)

Bigot! Racist! Sexist! Those are the things that come to mind when you say you discriminate. However, it is possible to that discrimination does not have the heavy negative connotation that it currently has in this day and age?

In this episode, with special guest Danny from Economical Rice Podcast, we look various examples of discrimination, can a woman ask for a female gynaecologist after a male one has been assigned to her, can a bakery operated by gay guys not serve a Christian wedding cake, will we ever stop making fun of Jerry-Cat’s old age? We answer these eternal (and old) questions that demand answers!

17 Discrimination

Episode 16 Is SPH the perfect press solution? (And we don’t even know it)

SPH, perfect, whaaat!??! Before you ask for whatever it is that we are smoking, hear us out! In this episode, we discuss the pitfalls of news and media companies, their unending juggler’s act of giving us the “truth” and turning a profit.

Guest kitty Lydia Shah, whose insight into how such companies are run (being a producer and director herself!) will shed light on the precise nature of this proposition.

ep16 SPH-01

Episode 15 What are our responsibilities on educating youths on sex?

This week, the longkang is steaming with sex! Continuing with the theme of last week, we tackle the question of how far do we take sex education for young people. The kitties also talk about their past experience with sex education.15 SexEd - AG

Episode 14 Should we ban child-shaped sex dolls?

Sex dolls in the shape of children, how do we deal with it? From a legal standpoint, it seems straightforward, from a cultural and ethical one, that is where all hell breaks loose in the longkang this week!

We discuss similar topics including paedophiles, sexual deviancy and what society will look like down the slippery slope. The future is already here, whats left is for the rest of us to catch up.

Sex Robot-01

Episode 13 What do we REALLY feel about race, Presidential elections, and ninjas?

Oh boy oh boy, what a minefield we’ve stumbled upon! Fortunately, we got our special guest, Saiful to help us navigate this madness that is race and ethnicity within the context of our most recent Presidential selection election.
In this episode, we ask the tough questions; does race exist? How do we talk about race and ethnicity in relation to the issues at hand? What criteria do you set before joining a ninja clan? All these and more on this very triggering episode of the LongKangKitties!
Presidential Elections

Episode 12.5 Half celebrities death matches (out-takes)

The kitties got caught in the monsoon season of work! While the Long Kangs are flooding here’s an out-take episode where Dan Wong challenges Calvin Cheng to a fight!
As the topic of Sonny Liew got intense, we got side-tracked and started talking about shit that don’t matter, business as usual, hence this portion was cut from episode 12.
Stay tuned next week while we get our lives back on track with episode 13!12.5 Calvin vs Dan - DW

Should the government fund the arts?

With Sonny Liew winning several Eisner awards, the national conversation once again veered towards the pulling of funding for his book (which ironically can be argued made the book a raging success) and whether or not the government should fund the arts locally.
This week the Kitties gushes about Sonny’s award-winning book, The Art of Charlie Chan Hock Chye and how awesome it is, but also take some time to level some criticism at Calvin Cheng, the main proponent that government should stop funding of the arts. But does Calvin have a point?
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