Ep32 Are we treating our food hawkers like shit?

With social enterprises poised to take over the hawker industry for the foreseeable future, problems with how our local hawker vendors are generally being treated by said
enterprises, the gahmen, and the customers have come to the forefront.

Can a system where we set the price floor for hawkers, in addition to not having subsidies and increased cost of doing business, continue to function in the modern world? Do Singaporeans deserve to continue to have delicious hawker food at such low prices? Will the hawker culture in general, die off once the current generation retires?


32 Hawker

Ep31 Do we need to do anything about inequality in Singapore?

What do the LongKangKitties and schools in December have in common? We got no class! This week we tackle CNA’s regardless of class video, which has certainly ruffled a few feathers within our country. Love or hate the video, inequality still exists, but… do we need to do anything about it?Inequality Art

Ep 30 Questioning female leaders after Theranos

Dissecting the saga of the Theranos incident, Jon (being the misogynist that he is..) questions the nature of female leadership in a world where diversity is celebrated for all the wrong reasons. Special guest Ling Ling, a fellow podcaster and leadership trainer, together with N.G. cat clashes with Jon while Dan just sprays HIS LOVE JUICES on everyone.

Special thanks to Ling Ling for appearing on our show to provide insight! You can find her podcast and home page on the following links;


Ep 29 Crazy Rich Asian review (ALL THE SPOILERS)

Spoilers alert! For those who want to know what all the fuss is about, but refuses to pay a penny to see the film, we at the Longkang are here for you! Crazy Rich Asian hits the cinema riding a wave of controversy and praise, it’s either the first all Asian cast out of Hollywood or a failed attempt at diversity depending on who you ask. But whats the real story here? Us kitties will sort out the gold from the muck in this very special episode of the LongKangKitties!

29 CRA

Ep 28 Should countries let refugees in, or let them die?

The longkang gets split into many camps this week over the refugee issue with our returning guest, Saiful!! How should nations deal with the influx of people fleeing from war or disaster? The answer, as we discovered, is not so straightforward. The kitties grappled with their internal struggles to maintain sovereignty while extending a helping hand.

28 Refugee

Ep 27 How should we deal with the talented? (Ben Davis episode)

On this most auspicious of weekends, we bring you the final word on the Ben Davis situation! Returning guest Saiful not only shares his football expertise but also his thoughts on Ben Davis’ deferment rejection and the implication that brings.

Since Davis probably does not have any uncles or cousin to teach him how to deal with the bureaucrats in our army, he should totally listen to 4 random strangers with his interest at heart!

27 ben davies art A

Ep 26 What happens to your HDB after 99 years?

The answer to the question, we don’t know! Problem is, does the government know?! Do the people know, or care? This week we excavate the foundations of the HDB, uncovering the fatal flaws in its construction and design. We discuss how a 99 year lease combined with SERS that only benefits 4% of the population spells disaster, potential solutions to the problem, and if drinking beer really does really make one of our hosts, queer!

26 HDB Cover